Research by Mencap found that nearly 9 out of 10 people with learning disabilities had been harassed or attacked within the last year.

32% said they experienced harassment or attacks on a daily or weekly basis.

23% had been assaulted.

Why Set Up Safer In Town?

We want People with Learning Disabilities to have full and meaningful lives. Doing things like going shopping, popping to the bank, out for a pint, going on a date, meals out, meeting friends in town. Just doing the things that other people take for granted.

Many people are worried about going out because they have had bad experiences in the past. Some have been victims of verbal abuse or harassment because of their disability, or are fearful that they may be victimised. They may have got into difficulty and not known how to get any help.

What Is Safer In Town?

Wigan and Leigh People First have set up a ‘Safer in Town’ scheme to help people with a learning disability feel safe when they go about their everyday life in Wigan.

Every person joining the scheme will get a Safer in Town fold out card. We are asking shops, pubs, cafes, banks, libraries and any other public buildings to display a Safer in Town logo in their window. If the person gets into any difficulty, they can go into one of these premises. There they will be helped to contact someone from the contact list on their fold out card.

The Benefits Of Safer In Town

Safer In Town will create a safety net for people with learning disabilities as they will know that they can get help if needed.

We also hope that Safer In Town will raise the profile of disability hate crime and lead to greater awareness that treating someone badly because they have a disability is totally unacceptable.

Please Get In Touch

If you are a shop of business who wants to help make a difference by becoming part of the Safer In Town network, or you have a disability and would like a contact card, or want to help someone you know to have a better, safer life then please contact us.

You can find all of our details here, on the contact page.